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Living Options

Living Options

Lucas is designed for you. We understand that a community needs diversity, and we have been careful to design Lucas to be inclusive and 'right' for a broad range of people. Lucas will be home to singles, couples, families, children, seniors, working people and retirees. Lucas is about your life experience.


Whether you want a large home able to accommodate a growing family, or a townhouse with low maintenance and room for just you, Lucas offers you the choice of size and budget. A small block or a large block, family home or smaller space – everyone will find a home at Lucas.

The streets of Lucas will not look like the same house after house, as some new developments do. Lucas has been designed to provide choice and diversity.

With five distinct neighbourhoods, you can choose exactly the location you want to live - close to parks, close to shops, close to schools.

The beauty of Lucas is that it has something to suit everyone. After all, diversity, age, stage of life, family make-up - is at the heart of a community.

Enhancing Experience

Lucas is designed to enhance your experience of everyday life. From green vistas and landscapes through to walking and cycling paths and on to community facilities, everything about Lucas is geared towards you.

Lucas provides not only the opportunity but also the incentive to see, do and experience things that many residential areas do not provides. Welcoming streetscapes make the streets somewhere to stop and chat to neighbours and friends. Parks and open spaces invite picnics, family games or get-togethers with friends.

Views of Mt Buninyong and Mt Warrenheip from the major roadways through Lucas will bring the countryside right into your home - a wonderful reminder of the joys of regional living.

Living Locally

Lucas' comprehensive master plan means that the facilities that you as an individual, family or community need, are right on your doorstep.

As a resident of Lucas, you will have the opportunity to shop locally at the Town Centre, to send your children to one of the two local schools, to play sport locally or join in a community activity or group. You will also have the opportunity to work locally in the Employment and Business Park or perhaps you or your family members will be interested in the Senior Living Retirement Village. Imagine a life where you come home from work on Friday, and don’t need to use the car again until Monday.


Lucas has been designed to be usable - walking, riding, driving through an established network of paths and roads that have the advantage of taking you directly to your destination or meeting place. We have designed local roads so that they are 200 metres long - or less. This not only limits the speed that cars can reach in a short distance, it increases driver and pedestrian safety.

We have designed a network of integrated pedestrian and recreational spaces incorporating the central parkland heart, Skipton Rail Trail, Avenue of Honour, Dyson Drive, Cuthberts Road and linkages to the surrounding community.


Lucas will be a community that values all of its members. A Senior Living Retirement Village will be a centrepiece of the town, bringing stability and wisdom from its residents, and providing a safe and secure environment.

Just like the other Lucas neighbourhoods, the Senior Living Retirement Village will form its own distinct area, but will also be seamlessly integrated into the life and make-up of the town.

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